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Eliminating the need for local CPU power, Teradici’s PC-over-IP (PCoIP) simply transfers the image of software running on a central server or workstation to any PCoIP-ready end-point. The PCoIP on the central source, compresses, encrypts and rapidly transports image pixels to PCoIP end-user devices. They in turn decrypt, decompress and display the image on a screen. From a user’s perspective, there is no difference between working with a local computer loaded with software and a zero client receiving the image of the software running via PCoIP.

Secure Your Data
Because the protocol transfers images only, in the form of pixel location information, no business information ever leaves the data center. In addition, because all software lies safely inside central systems, no one can tamper with service quality or introduce malware based on application infiltration. The PCoIP security module leverages the AES 256 and NSA Suite B cyphers, which meet the highest level of security required by governments.

Enable Mobility and Collaboration
Any PCoIP-enabled device — smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop machine — can become a secure workstation. In industries where collaboration is key, but data risk is high, PCoIP offers another layer of protection. People can work collaboratively from anywhere, knowing that sensitive information never leaves the data center and work can never be lost or stolen.

Enhance Performance
Embedded in third-party products, PCoIP accelerates back-end and front-end hardware performance to provide high resolution, full frame-rate 3D graphics and high definition streaming media. Power users can work across multiple displays, enjoy the benefits of USB peripherals, as well as send and receive high-definition audio.

  • 10ZiG V1200-P


  • 10ZiG V1200-QH


  • 10ZiG V1200-QP


  • Wyse P25