Axel M80


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Designed and manufactured by Axel, the AX3000 Terminal allows direct TCP/IP text and graphics sessions to all popular multi-user operating systems: Windows, Unix/Linux, AS400, S/390 etc. This terminal is designed to be mounted on rear of a flat screen.

Please note that Axel Thin Clients take 7 days to arrive after receipt of order.

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Centralised Administration Remote set up, remote control, DHCP & DNS support, Downloading firmware (XML, BOOTP & TFTP)
Front Panel Connectors 2 USB Ports
Rear Panel Connectors Power connect for the AX3000, VGA monitor connector, 2 USB Ports, RJ45 TCP/IP 10/100BT connector
Auxiliary Port Protocols LPD, RDP/ICA Printer & COM Port Redirection, Prt 5250 (TN5250E), Prt3270 (TN3270E), tty (client & server), telnet (client), rcmd/rsh
Supported USB devices Keyboards, mice, barcode readers; Printers; Touch Screens; USB-RS232 and USB Parallel Adaptors; Smartcard Readers; Audio Devices
Networking Ethernet 10/100BT
Graphics Maximum resolution: Standard screens – 1600x 1200, Wide Screen 1920x 1200, Max number of colours: True Colour (24 bits)
Screen Session Protocols RDP/ICA, Virtual Desktop (View & Xen Desktop), VNC, telnet, ssh and tty(*), telnet 5250, telnet 3270