IBM iSeries 3270

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Twin Data Corporation
Driverless 122-Key 5250/PC Keyboard for PCs and Thin Client Terminals – USB or PS/2 Overview The 5250/PC 122 key keyboard (p/n PCKB122-5250P or PCKB122-5250U for USB)

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Driverless 122-Key 3270/PC Keyboard for PCs and Thin Client Terminals – PS/2 or USB


The 3270/PC 122 key keyboard (p/n KBPC122-3270P or

KBPC122-3270U for USB) can be used with any PC or Thin Client Terminal connected to Microsoft Windows Terminal Server or Citrix. It is driverless keyboard, enabling it to be integrated smoothly in all operating systems. As a result, organizations can look forward to regaining the benefits of true terminal-style productivity.

This 122-key keyboard provides a seamless transition from “dumb terminal” green screen terminals such as the IBM InfoWindow 347X, 348X and compatibles from Decision Data, Idea, Memorex, Telex, and Visara.

When moving from the 122-key layout to a standard PC keyboard, there are over 30 new key combinations to be learned to perform the same tasks performed with a single keystroke on a Coax terminal. This lack of familiarity can produce a big loss in production and excess errors that would not be occurring if the user had their old, familiar keyboard.

With the KBPC122-3270P or KBPC122-3270U 3270-Style 122-key keyboards, there is virtually no retraining when moving users from the old Coax terminals to new Ethernet connected devices, whether it be a PC or Thin Client Terminal. The user will have the same layout and heavy duty keystroke feel as on the terminals being replaced. No need to learn the new key combinations a standard PC keyboard would require.


This keyboard works perfectly in both the PC and Thin Client environments.

Any keys that have different functions are labeled with both functions. The 3270 keys are labeled in black, just like a Coax terminal. Any PC functions that are different from the 3270 key function are labeled in blue.

The image above shows this clearly as well as a number of the 3270 keys only the 122-key keyboards have such as F13 thru F24, Dup, PA1, FldMk, PA2, Enter, Rule, etc.

Main Benefits

  • Works flawlessly with both embedded and Citrix or Windows Terminal Server applications, since it also emulates 101-key keyboards

  • These 122-key keyboards are driverless, enabling them to integrate smoothly into any operating system environment

Supported Environments

  • PCs – Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Linux

  • Thin Clients – Windows Embedded Standard (WES), WES7, XPe, CE.NET, Linux

  • Citrix and similar programs

  • Terminal Services

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