IGEL UD7-LX Linux V10

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*Requires licence and maintenance

The IGEL UD7 is a powerful solution for the future workplace. Demanding tasks, video playback, application performance and unified

communication are seamlessly supported with power to spare.


Combined with IGEL Workspace Edition, UD7 is a powerful integrated solution for the future workplace. Demanding tasks requiring multiple high-resolution displays, video playback, application performance and unified communications are seamlessly supported with power to spare.

  • Maximum Performance – A quick processor and external graphics card enable optimal multimedia performance on simultaneous tasks.
  • Multi-monitor support – Promote productivity with four digital monitors up to 4K at 60Hz.
  • Comprehensive connectivity – Customise with a PCIe slot or extend with a connectivity bar for WiFi, additional parallel port or anti-theft USB port.
  • Security is paramount – Two factor authentication and quick login with optional integrated smartcard reader.

UD7 with IGEL Workspace Edition = Maximum Productivity


Work smartly with IGEL OS

The power behind IGEL Workspace Edition, IGEL OS features a comprehensive range of certified clients, applications and peripheral devices. Upon licence activation standardise your UD7, and enable adaptive configuration and granular control, with a familiar, trouble-free workspace.


Easily manage with IGEL Universal Management Suite

A core component of IGEL Workspace Edition, this single endpoint management and control solution empowers you with automated backend control and a rich, intuitive console to remotely and securely manage the UD7 and up to tens of thousands of IGEL-powered endpoints.


The IGEL UD7-LX model shown here is specifically designed for a seamless and powerful virtualised desktop experience, optimised for a Linux environment, with 4GB RAM, and 4GB SSD. This product requires a Codec licence and maintenance.



*Please note these thin clients require separate purchasing of licensing and maintenance, get in touch with us for more information and we will be happy to assist.


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