LG 34CN650N-6A.AEK 34” UltraWide All-in-One Thin Client

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Every aspect of an LG Thin Client delivers the performance a demanding workforce requires, along with the simplified management and built-in security ITDMs crave. By removing productivity obstacles with every device, LG are raising expectations for what’s possible.

Optimise any workplace

LG Thin Clients are designed for wherever security, manageability, and streamlined user experience are crucial factors for success.

Whether deployed in data-heavy healthcare and finance contexts or cost-sensitive higher education settings, every LG Thin Client has inherent security to protect sensitive data and simplified management to minimize potential downtime.


More Powerful Performance

With advanced Quad-core Processor and a powerful system memory option, 34CN650N helps you complete your work faster and easier than ever.

34″ UltraWide™ Full HD IPS Display

More Space for Working Together

The 21:9 UltraWide™ Full HD resolution (2560×1080) offers 33% more screen space compared to 16:9 Full HD display. IPS panel delivers uniform and clear picture quality from any viewing angle. You can use it to view multiple windows at once and share screen with colleagues easily.

Up to 2 Display Support

The Most Productive Workstation

LG 34CN650N supports up to 4K UHD resolution dual displays. With the most flexibility for multi-monitor set-up options, you can get more done in less time.

Pop-up Type Full HD Webcam

Enhanced Usability & Security

Featuring the pop-up type built-in Full HD webcam with improved security and the integrated speaker, to host various meetings and video conferences.

Fanless Design

Silent and Cost-efficient

The fanless design increases LG 34CN650N’s lifespan and also reduces replacement costs. The low noise and heat provide a pleasant office environment, and its lower power consumption reduces management costs.

Ergonomic Design

Smart Workspace

For multiple Thin clients setup, you can save time and reduce a loss of work by featuring the one click stand. And the convenient stand can be adjusted to change height and tilt of the monitor allows you to create the comfort workspace.


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