LG 24CN670N-6A 24” All-in-One Thin Client

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Every aspect of an LG Thin Client delivers the performance a demanding workforce requires, along with the simplified management and built-in security ITDMs crave. By removing productivity obstacles with every device, LG are raising expectations for what’s possible.

Optimise any workplace

LG Thin Clients are designed for wherever security, manageability, and streamlined user experience are crucial factors for success.

Whether deployed in data-heavy healthcare and finance contexts or cost-sensitive higher education settings, every LG Thin Client has inherent security to protect sensitive data and simplified management to minimize potential downtime.


All-in-One Thin Client

Designed for Medical Environment

LG’s 24CN670N approved by medical standards* (IEC60601, CE MDD and FDA Class I), ensures its reliability at medical environment. Also its white color body helps to remove substances such as dust and dirt easily and keep it clean. So you can maintain the highest level of cleanliness** and promote patient safety.

Dual-band RFID

Public but Personalized

With RFID module, multiple people can use the device as a personalized thin client. This is useful for shift work, allowing various staffs to log into the personal virtual desktop on a single device. The RFID module improves security and prevents the leakage of sensitive data by facilitating end-user adjustment options such as controlling who is authorized to log into the thin client..
Full HD IPS Display

More Visible at Wide Angle

LG All-in-One Thin Client with IPS technology delivers visual comfort especially for sharing charts and medical information with others.
Quad-core Processor

Powerful Performance

With advanced Quad-core Processor and a powerful system memory option, 24CN670N helps you complete your work faster and easier than ever.
Up to 2 Display Support

Multi Display Set-up

LG 24CN670N supports up to two UHD 4K resolution displays. With the high flexibility for multi-monitor set-up options, you can get more done in less time.
Fanless Design

Silent and Cost-efficient

The fanless design reduces the noise, then helps hospital staffs to focus and concentrate more on their work. By reducing the failure rate caused by fans, LG cloud device has the higher cost efficiency.
Ergonomic Design

Better Workplace Ergonomics

The 24CN670N supports tilt, swivel, pivot and height adjustment options for the best comfort at work. These ergonomics also make it easier to share content with others and set up the equipment for shift work, leading to user convenience.


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